Working Together For Sustained Results
Erik Josephson, MA, Health Financing
  Mr. Josephson is a health financing expert with significant experience in both the private and public sectors. He also has in-depth experience in health sector performance management, human resources for health, and organizational development a

Catalyzing a pan-African policy think-tank

In an effort to boost African capacity for policy analysis, ICD, in partnership with Rockefeller Foundation, is working to facilitate the development of a network of established and promising African institutions across the continent around a common analytical platform, anchored by a leading African institution as the secretariat, to create an “African Observatory on Health Systems and Policies”. read more

Tracking resources in Rwanda

In late 2009, Rwanda launched an ambitious initiative to harmonize various resource tracking activities (NHA, NASA, PER) and integrate them into health sector planning and management processes including national annual budget development and SWAP joint sector reviews.Supported by ICD experts, Rwanda harmonized key sector planning and tracking systems based on the international system of health classifications. Rwanda then linked the international classifications to the key objective areas of Rwanda’s health sector strategic plan, read more
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